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Roughing robots

Shoe Industry

Upper roughing cells

Tropimatica has a long experience in the robotization of shoe industry

We supply solutions for several applications

Robotic Cell for Lateral roughing of uppers

Several configurations available

Manual feeding by operator or automatic feeding through conveyor
One or two roughing stations
Robot holding the roughing tool or robot holding the upper
Roughing tool eletric or pneumatic
Roughing head with single or double milling cutter
Uppers identification manually or by RFID

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Shoe Industry is quite difficult for robotics

Use a uge number of robot paths

A size 35 uses a different program than a size 42

The software for left and right uppers is different

Different articles use different software

The robot paths need to be adjusted very often

New software needs to be done for every new collection

A small defect in a upper last oblies a robot path correction

Our solution

We supply all the conditions to put shoe operators programming the robots

With our tools an operator specialist in shoe manufacturing is able to create and modify robot programs without knowledge in robotics and programming