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We Install Industrial Robots

Standalone and integrated in Production lines

Our Projects uses the major brands of robots

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There are no compromise to any robotic brand

We want to be able to choose the best brand and model of robot that better fits each request

Major types of robots used in industry

We have a long experience in the development of robotic solutions

Our equipments are custom made for every project

Palletizing Robots

Pick the finished product and places it in pallet

We have several solutions, from simple lines until complex solutions with automatic loading of pallets

Find our palletizing solutions
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Handling Robots

Moves the product between two different points of the production process

Are often used to load and unload other machines

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Welding Cells

Welding Robots using Mig/Mag

We supply complete cells, including the development of the soldering JIGs

Take a look into our equipments
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Roughing Robots

Robotic Cells for the Shoe Industry

Robots for lateral roughing of uppers

See our Roughing Robots
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We install robots in different areas of the industry

Our solutions are developed specifically for every project